Employment Law Training

Employment Law Training

Many law firms and consultants offer employment law training. Shaw Law Group’s is different and, if we must say so, better.

We have trained thousands of employees. Employment law training is a primary practice area for us. Other firms model their programs on ones we have created. Accept no substitutes. Our firm has the experience, technique, and commitment to training that combine to make a positive and effective training program for your organization.

The trainer is the most important part of the training experience. Good employment lawyers do not necessarily make good trainers. The Firm’s founder, Jennifer Brown Shaw, has developed a national reputation for providing innovative and entertaining training both to management and non-management employees. We send only experienced trainers who are also competent and experienced employment lawyers. See our trainers’ bios here.

We provide customized training on all employment law subjects, such as:

  • Equal employment opportunity/AB 1825 compliance

  • Sexual and other unlawful harassment

  • Bullying

  • Diversity/respect in the workplace

  • Managing protected leaves of absence

  • Disability management, interactive process, and reasonable accommodation

  • Privacy, off premises conduct, and social media

  • Workplace violence prevention

  • Avoiding wage-hour violations

  • Ethics

For a more detailed description of some of our training topics, please see below.

We use case studies, audience participation, and storytelling to bring employment law to life. Our training is practical, delivered in an entertaining and engaging way, and legally compliant, too. Training does not have to be boring to be effective. In fact, the opposite is true.

We offer on-site sessions for individual employers, as well as “open” public sessions and “webinars.” Our new, comfortable conference center seats 100 people, and includes big screen, high-definition monitors for easy viewing. We also conduct training at your site, or at convenient locations throughout California.

Recent attendees have evaluated our work with accolades such as “awesome,” “inspirational,” and “dynamic.” We are proud of these and other testimonials we regularly receive. Read some of the evaluations and reviews our clients have received about our programs here.

Shaw Law Group is an HR Certification Institute approved provider (“HRCI”). We are also a Society for Human Resource Management approved provider (“SHRM”). HRCI and SHRM credits are available for all of our public seminars and webinars. MCLE credit is available for in-house counsel. We also are an approved small business by the California Department of General Services.

Finally, our education and training efforts include regular articles on current workplace issues in “The Daily Recorder” legal newspaper and other publications. We also blog regularly on employment law developments and send our clients a bi-weekly newsletter via email. Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page.

To obtain additional information regarding Shaw Law Group’s training practice or request a training proposal, please contact our Training Coordinator, at 916-640-2240. Also, please review the schedule of upcoming training sessions by clicking on the button below:

Training Topics

California Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (AB 1825) for Supervisors

We conduct live employment law training that fully complies with AB 1825 (Government Code Section 12950.1), the California law mandating sexual harassment prevention/EEO training for supervisors every two years. We carefully follow the development of the law and regulations. Our trainers are fully qualified under the statute. Our subject matter meets every requirement. Our style keeps attendees entertained and engaged.

The most effective way to deliver training is live. But we recognize live training may be impractical for some employers. We will work with you to develop legally compliant, interactive webinars and other delivery methods. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask real time questions during live and remote sessions. We also will help “train-the-trainers” as needed to ensure they are qualified to conduct AB 1825 training.

Training for Non-Supervisors

Employers who do not invest in training for non-supervisors may be pennywise and pound-foolish. Recent court decisions impose liability on employers for employee conduct such as teasing and even staring. Plus, employers must prevent discrimination, harassment, and retaliation before it starts. Our training for non-supervisors covers key legal principles in a manner that encourages a better understanding of workplace dynamics and expectations.

We offer our clients two options for AB 1825 compliance training. The first, on-site training, allows us to create a program specifically tailored to your practices and procedures. The cost can be as little as $10 per person, depending on location and the number of attendees.

We also offer AB 1825 “public seminars” throughout the state. These sessions are particularly cost-effective for clients who employ only a few supervisors, or who have a number of supervisors in various locations. Our $85 per person rate includes a workbook and on-site certificate of compliance (discounts are available for groups of five or more). Our competitors charge up to $150 and more. And, you don’t always get what you pay for.

Ethics Training for Public Officials

Public employees are required to participate in ethics training every two years. We have conducted AB 1234 compliance training for public officials throughout California. Our training goes farther than merely complying with the statute’s minimum standards. We use practical examples and interactive role playing exercises to reinforce the substantive principles covered during the session.

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