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End of November Employment Law Pot Pourri

By D. Gregory Valenza | |

Greetings, We've been a little light on the posts lately.  But you can still sign up for our gigantic "new laws" Webinar here.  We have several dates set as of now, including December 1, 10, and even January 7.   Watch the incomparable Jennifer Shaw play all the hits:...

Elections Have Consequences Department….

By D. Gregory Valenza | |

No, not *that* election. That election is not even over yet.  And if you don't believe me, just ask President Gore.  If the current media predictions hold, however, there will be many consequences of the presidential election, which will be the subject of many future...

Court of Appeal Reinstates Lawsuit Over Termination for Failing Background Check

By D. Gregory Valenza | |

In California, an employee has the right to pretend that criminal convictions, which have been dismissed or judicially expunged, essentially do not exist (with certain exceptions). Labor Code section 432.7 provides such protections. So, unless an exception applies...

The List of New CA Employment-Related Laws

By D. Gregory Valenza | |

As promised, below is a list of most of the employment-related laws passed during this legislative session. We've edited out some of the narrow-cast or obscure ones (mostly public sector, pension-related, and local school district-related) because your eyes will...

More New CA Employment Laws

By D. Gregory Valenza | |

The good news is that the time for Governor Newsom to sign the California Legislature's bounty of bills has now ended for this year. The bad news is that he signed a bevy of them before time ran out.  These are in addition to the ones we have covered in our previous...

Some Non-COVID Employment Law News for CA Employers

By D. Gregory Valenza | |

US DOL Proposes Uniform Independent Contractor Rule for Federal Wage Hour Law The IRS, NLRB, and other agencies have their independent contractor tests. And we know that California has AB 2257, which replaced AB 5. It's as easy as ABC to keep track. SWIDT? So the US...

California Legislature Passes New Employment Laws- Some Take Effect Now

By D. Gregory Valenza | |

In this time of COVID and high unemployment, the California Legislature has chosen not to take its metaphorical foot off the gas.  This is the time of year when new employment laws are signed in California, and this year is no exception. Some of these bills are...

Coronavirus / COVID Employment Law Updates for California Employers # 20

By D. Gregory Valenza | |

Here is installment #20 of our ongoing series of COVID-related posts of interest to California employers.  One caveat before we begin today's summary. Although we are trying to keep up with the important issues so we can digest and report them to you, we simply can't...

AB 2257 – CA’s “Improved” Independent Contractor Law, Explained

By D. Gregory Valenza | |

Background Between COVID and the many other "challenging times" we've faced in 2020, it's easy to forget the big employment law developments that occurred just a year ago. So, a little refresher on AB 5 (here). You may recall that the California Legislature enacted AB...

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