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Here are some of the things we regret that we did not blog about in the past few weeks because of  the Coronavirus coverage that's been keeping everyone so busy:  U.S. Department of Labor Opinion Letters  The U.S. Department of Labor issued some Wage and Hour opinion...

CoronaVirus / COVID-19 and Some Employment Law Issues Part 2

Telework / Telecommuting, "Forced" Leave, and Temporary Shut-Downs Updated 3/17/20, some typos fixed, a few small additions. Here is part 2 of a series of posts about employment law issues that arise due to this COVID-19 / Coronavirus crisis.  See Part 1 here.  And...

CoronaVirus / COVID-19 and Some Employment Law Issues Part 1

Here is Part 1 of some common issues that may arise for California employers as a result of Coronavirus or COVID-19.  It is important to read this post in conjunction with our resources post here.  In addition, these posts identify basic issues, but are not legal...

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