Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

Shaw Law Group’s attorney-investigators are ready to conduct even the most sensitive workplace investigations. We have handled matters ranging from accusations against a front-line supervisor, all the way up to high-level managers, elected public officials, and corporate offices. Our investigators analyze the situation and prepare a report of their findings. We tailor our output to our clients’ needs, from a brief summary to a detailed investigative report.

Our public and private sector investigation services include:

  • All workplace complaints, including EEO, whistleblower, and workplace violence claims

  • Witness preparation and defense

  • Testifying in court and administrative proceedings

  • Assessment and review of others’ investigations

Law firms hire Shaw Law Group when conflicts of interest prevent them from conducting investigations themselves. We easily collaborate with regular outside counsel to ensure workplace investigations are thorough, timely, and do not result in unwanted conflicts of interest or waiver of attorney-client privilege. These lawyers, employment experts in their own right, know our team brings high integrity, expertise, and credible, quality work. See our investigators’ bios here.