Training Sessions Feedback


Here are some excerpts from attendees’ reviews of our training sessions:


“As usual the Shaw team was great. I attended a different law update last year and was disappointed. This session was very helpful and detailed.”

“Best EEO class I have ever had! I’ve been with the department many years and many EEO classes, this class far exceeded my expectations. Thank you!”

“Enthusiastic, dynamic and knowledgeable. [Jennifer’s] legal background is extremely effective and beneficial perspective. It is also rare to have a high-level professional qualified instructor to deliver training like this. It was a great class! Thanks.”

“Jennifer, you lived up to your reputation as an outstanding presenter. As a ‘seasoned’ investigator, I found the material and presentation to be very helpful and immediately useful. This was a well-spent day.”

“I was extremely impressed with the Investigation training that Eric Glassman conducted. He is such a good facilitator. He has such a great personality and articulated the classes in a fun, but professional manner. I honestly didn’t think I would ever find a trainer as great as Jennifer Shaw, but Eric is definitely in the same league. Bravo Shaw Law Group!”

“My heart overflows with gratitude.  Jen helps me feel connected and informed.  Her free weekly webinars help strengthen my confidence in my HR position.  I’m always learning something new, or I am able to give myself a compliment that I am doing a good job as I already have her recommendations in place.  She offers words of encouragement and understanding that we all have big challenges navigating HR practices.  Feeling understood feels good too.  Thank you, Jen ♥ !!”

“Great presenter! Loved hearing about real world stuff. After 20+ years finally EEO was taught in a way that could be understood and realistic!”

“She [Jennifer] made a rather boring subject matter come across with a fun energy and humor. Not once did I doze off or tune out. She also spoke in a manner that was completely understandable and in a way we could all comprehend.”

“Very good class on a difficult subject. Instructor had a good energy that made the class better than any EEO class in the past.”

“Best EEO class I’ve ever attended.”

“Great job Meghan!!  Very knowledgeable in subject matter and approachable in her presentation style made it feel like just chatting with a friend. The slides were clear and easy to follow.”

“Jen’s weekly webinars continue to be such a valuable resource!  Thank you to Jen and the entire team who host these sessions!  You are all amazing and are providing such an important service!  You have continued to be bright, positive lights during this difficult and dark time. I look forward to better days ahead!”

“I liked the interactive nature of the presentation and found that it kept my attention much better than the canned presentation/quiz format.”

“A perfect balance of down to earth coaching and detail focus to keep HR skills current, relevant and grounded for effective business practices! Thanks as always!”

“By far the best EEO class I have participated in. Jennifer has the ability to present this material in a humorous and brilliant fashion.”

“One of the best online trainings I have taken. Although online, it was still very engaging and the instructor, Eric Glassman, was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and was able to easily disseminate the information into a very easy-to-understand manner. He didn’t sound like an attorney, in my opinion (as he mentioned during this talk). I appreciated him taking the time to answer all the questions. Shaw Law Group did an excellent job at presenting this information online in an hour. Thank you!”

“The presenter was OUTSTANDING!  Very engaging.  He had great stories to share which made the training interesting. Would appreciate having more training from him.  Thank you for setting this up for us.”

“Eric was highly entertaining and engaging despite the virtual training session. He really kept my interest. The course content was informative. I learned several things. And it is a good reminder of EEO policies.   Thank You.”

Client Feedback


The following are excerpts taken from letters we’ve received from clients:


“As you know, the vast majority of our staff are attorneys. It was very important to me to secure training services, which would maintain everyone’s attention and interest while imparting the required information. Your exceptional presentation not only met but exceeded my goals. I also appreciate the support and assistance I had from your staff as we approached the training date. Please add us to the list of satisfied customers willing to serve as positive references for your anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training.”

Linda C. Brown

Deputy Director, Office of Administrative Law

“Jennifer is a fabulous speaker. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and entertaining. Her personable approach to training leaves attendees feeling educated without feeling lectured to. We eagerly look forward to each of her training sessions.”

Karen Cohen

EEO Officer, Department of Forestry and Fire Protection