Employment Law Training Services

Employment Law Training Services

Many law firms and consultants offer employment law training services. Shaw Law Group’s is different and, if we say so, better.

We have trained tens of thousands of employees. Employment law training is a primary practice area for us. Other firms model their programs on ones we have created. Accept no substitutes. Our firm has the experience, technique, and commitment to training that combine to make a positive and effective training program for your organization.

The trainer is the most important part of the training experience. Good employment lawyers do not necessarily make good trainers.  We send only experienced trainers who are also competent and experienced employment lawyers. See our attorney trainers’ bios here.

We provide customized training on all employment law subjects, including:

  • Equal employment opportunity/AB 1825 and SB 1343 compliance
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Leaves of absence and reasonable accommodations
  • Ethics training for public officials (AB 1234)
  • Ethics in the private sector
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Wage-hour issues
  • EEO “Train-the-Trainer”
  • Conducting effective internal investigations

See below for a more detailed description of the training we deliver in each of these subjects.

We use case studies, audience participation, and storytelling to bring employment law to life. Our training is practical, entertaining and engaging, and legally compliant. Training does not have to be boring to be effective. In fact, the opposite is true.

We offer on-site sessions for individual employers, as well as “open” public sessions and “webinars.” Our state-of-the-art conference center seats 100 people, and includes big screen, high-definition monitors for easy viewing. We also conduct training on-site and at convenient public locations throughout California.

Recent attendees have evaluated our training work with accolades such as “awesome,” “inspirational,” and “dynamic.”  We are proud of these and the other testimonials we regularly receive.  Read some attendee evaluations and reviews here.

Shaw Law Group is an HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) provider.  HRCI, SHRM, and MCLE credits are available for all of our public seminars and webinars. We also are an approved small business by the California Department of General Services, which streamlines the public contracting process.

Our education and training efforts include authoring regular articles on current workplace issues in “The Daily Recorder,” a legal newspaper, and other publications. Our What’s New in Employment Law? Blog is another great resources for clients and friends. We distribute a monthly newsletter via email that includes a review of recent legal developments, information about upcoming training sessions, and other items of interest to employers.  Sign up for the newsletter here.

To obtain additional information regarding Shaw Law Group’s training practice or request a training proposal, please contact our Director of Training at 916-640-2240.  You also may review the schedule of upcoming training sessions by clicking here.

Descriptions of Our Key Employment Law Training Services

California Mandatory EEO Compliance/Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (AB 1825/SB 1343)

California law requires employers with five or more employees to provide EEO compliance training to all employees (regardless of title or level) at least every other year. As one of the only California employment law firms specializing in workplace training, our innovative sessions cover all of the requirements while delivering an entertaining and thought-provoking experience for all attendees.

Staff EEO Compliance/Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (SB 1343) (Must be at least one hour in duration)
This session provides attendees with information about all of the required topics, including how to identify, address, and prevent workplace harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and bullying.  We also discuss real-life scenarios to help attendees understand their responsibilities, and explain why everyone should be an “upstander” (and not just bystanders to misconduct).

Supervisor EEO Compliance/Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (AB 1825) (Must be at least two hours in duration)

This session provides attendees with information about all of the required topics, including supervisors’ responsibility to prevent, respond to, and monitor inappropriate workplace conduct.  We also discuss real-life scenarios to help supervisors understand their responsibilities and explain why everyone should be an “upstander” (and not just bystanders to misconduct)

Train-the-Trainer/ EEO Compliance (AB 1825/SB 1343)

This all-day workshop prepares EEO compliance training for all employees. We discuss the mandatory training components, provide talking points for each topic area, and offer a number of interactive tools, such as true/false questions and scenarios, to help make training more interactive, engaging, and fun.  Participants receive constructive feedback on their training approach and style, a Facilitator Guide, and a trademarked PowerPoint program that can be used as a foundation for training materials tailored to your workplace.

Leaves of Absences and Reasonable Accommodations

We hire employees to come to work, but what happens when they need protected time off or a reasonable accommodation?  In this annual two-day workshop, we discuss all of the relevant laws and regulations (including recent updates) and provide practical guidance on the challenging issues that arise in these areas.  Attendees have the opportunity to work through new hypotheticals to test their knowledge, all of which are based on real-life scenarios and require thoughtful analysis and strategy.

Ethics for Public Officials

Public officials must participate in ethics training every two years. We regularly conduct AB 1234 compliance training for public officials throughout California. Our training goes further than merely complying with the statute’s minimum standards. We use practical examples and interactive role-playing exercises to reinforce the substantive principles all public officials must understand. 

Ethics in the Private Sector

Every employee in the private sector should understand their ethical obligations.  Ethics training is a critical tool in helping organizations further their mission.  We use real-life scenarios and role-playing to help participants identify their responsibilities and what is required to create and maintain an ethical workplace. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Building diverse and inclusive workplaces is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.  Customers, vendors, clients, and employees demand that workforces understand their backgrounds and needs.  We only develop that understanding by building workforces that are diverse and inclusive. We use case studies and role-playing to make this session interactive, thought-provoking, and fun!

Workplace Violence Prevention

We hear about new incidents everyday:  someone is threatened or bullied at work, or an active shooter targets a workplace.  In this sobering session, we help participants identify their potential risks and create a plan to address all forms of workplace violence.  We also discuss steps employers should take to empower employees during active shooter incidents.  Our trainers are experts in presenting this difficult topic in an engaging and absorbing manner.

Train-the-Trainer for EEO Compliance Sessions

Are you responsible for teaching EEO compliance sessions, and need some help preparing the materials?  Do you want some guidance about how to present the required information in an entertaining and engaging manner, while still meeting all of the legal requirements?  Our train-the-trainer sessions provide hands-on tips on providing EEO training that covers the requirements for training both supervisory and non-supervisory employees.  We discuss the mandatory training components, provide talking points for each topic area, and offer a number of interactive tools, such as true/false questions and scenarios.  We can also provide constructive feedback on your training approach and style.  Participants receive a Facilitator Guide and a trademarked PowerPoint program that can be used as a foundation for personalized training materials.

Conducting Internal Investigations – The Basics

This foundational workshop provides new investigators in the private and public sectors with an overview of the applicable legal requirements and how to develop an effective workplan and investigation strategyconduct effective witness interviews, compile and analyze evidence, and draft a defensible investigation report.

Participants receive our trademarked “Investigator’s Manual” that contains checklists, sample interview outlines, and a sample investigation report.  This is a fun, unique opportunity to hone your investigative skills in a safe and supportive environment. 

Three Day Investigations Workshop

This workshop is geared to human resource specialists, investigators, supervisors, managers, and business owners who want to hone their skills in conducting internal investigations in the public and private sectors.  

On the first day, we cover investigation fundamentals.  From creating a work plan to handling witness representatives and everything in between, we provide practical guidance and cutting-edge legal analysis for every step in the investigation process.  On the second day, attendees participate in a mock investigation and do everything from conducting interviews to reaching factual findings. On the third day, we take attendees step-by-step through how to write effective investigation reports that are simple, direct, and withstand legal scrutiny. 

This workshop is appropriate for investigators of all levels and experience.  No prior background is necessary.  Attendees receive our trademarked “Investigator’s Manual” that contains checklists, sample interview outlines, and a sample investigation report.    

Form I-9 Compliance  

This comprehensive session provides an overview of employers’ Form I-9 obligations, including the purpose of the form, how to properly complete it, and there must be at least one person “in-house” to drive the process. We discuss best practices regarding I-9 related documentation, how to handle rehires, what to do if ICE comes knocking, and how to conduct an I-9 audit (and fix any errors you find!) 

California Handbook Changes for the New Year 

In this annual interactive session, we address the changes California employers should make to their employee handbooks to reflect new laws and court decisions. Participants receive detailed information about required policy updates and leave with the knowledge they need to update their handbooks for the new year.   

Annual Employment Law Update 

Every year, employers with California operations rely to do the research, monitor the court decisions, analyze the new laws, and provide employers with practical advice for compliance. This half-day session provides participants with information about workplace law developments in wage-hour compliance, EEO compliance, reasonable accommodations and the interactive processmanaging leaves of absence, workplace safety, and other important areas.