Many law firms and consultants offer employment law training services. Shaw Law Group’s is different and, if we say so, better.

We have trained hundreds of thousands of employees. Employment law training is a primary practice area for us. Other firms model their programs on ones we have created. Accept no substitutes. Our firm has the experience, technique, and commitment to training that combine to make a positive and effective training program for your organization.

The trainer is the most important part of the training experience. Good employment lawyers, however, do not necessarily make good trainers.  We send only experienced and engaging trainers who also are competent and experienced employment lawyers. See our attorney trainers’ bios here.

We provide customized training on all employment law subjects, including:

  • Equal employment opportunity/AB 1825 and SB 1343 compliance
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging
  • Leaves of absence and reasonable accommodations
  • Ethics training for public officials (AB 1234)
  • Ethics in the private sector
  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Wage-hour issues
  • EEO “Train-the-Trainer”
  • Conducting effective internal investigations

See below for a more detailed description of the training we deliver in each of these subjects.

We use case studies, audience participation, and storytelling to bring employment law to life. Our training is practical, entertaining and engaging, and legally compliant. Training does not have to be boring to be effective. In fact, the opposite is true.

We offer sessions for individual employers, as well as “open” public sessions and “webinars.” Our state-of-the-art conference center seats 100 people, and includes big screen, high-definition monitors for easy viewing. We also conduct training on-site and at convenient public locations throughout the country.

Recent attendees have evaluated our training work with accolades such as “awesome,” “inspirational,” and “dynamic.”  We are proud of these and the other testimonials we regularly receive.  Read some attendee evaluations and reviews here.

Shaw Law Group is an HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) provider.  HRCI, SHRM, and MCLE credits are available for all of our public seminars and webinars. We are also an approved small business by the California Department of General Services, which streamlines the public contracting process.

Our education and training efforts include:

  • Regular articles on current workplace issues in “The Daily Recorder”
  • What’s New in Employment Law? blog
  • Monthly digital newsletter with recent legal developments, information on upcoming training, and other items of interest. Sign up for the newsletter here.
  • Workplace Wake-Up with Jen Shaw” podcast
  • “Workplace Insights with Shaw Law and the CRD!”

Unlike most of our competitors, we condcut training in Spanish!

To obtain additional information regarding Shaw Law Group’s training practice or request a training proposal, please contact our Director of Training at 916-640-2240.  You also may review the schedule of upcoming live training sessions by clicking here


 Workplace Privacy Issues

Many employers are confused about workplace privacy. What information is “private”? What information may employers share, and for what purposes? In this session, we discuss the most common workplace privacy issues, including:

  • The appropriate information to include in personnel files and employees’ inspection rights
  • How to store medical documentation and employee benefit information
  • Applicable document retention requirements
  • The use of video cameras at work
  • Monitoring employee computer use, including emails, text messages, and chats on third-party platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack
  • The application of the California Consumer Privacy Act to the workplace


 Tools for Effectively Managing Remote Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for employees to perform their jobs in remote locations. (Hawaii, anyone?) Of course, “remote workers” present challenges for employers.

In this session, we discuss the best practices to effectively recruit, manage, and engage with remote employees, including:

  • Techniques to hire and onboard remote workers
  • Properly paying remote employees
  • Rest and meal period compliance
  • Appropriate expense reimbursements for remote workers
  • Reasonable accommodations related to remote work
  • How to keep remote employees productive


 Best Practices for Form 1-9 Compliance

Employers must properly complete a Form 1-9 for every new employee. The process is technical and fraught with potential risk. With civil penalties for Form 1-9 violations higher than ever (between $237 and $2,360 per violation), mistakes are costly.

In this session, we address critical Form 1-9 topics, including:

  • How to properly complete Form l-9s
  • Penalties for non-compliance
  • Best practices for fixing Form 1-9 errors
  • How to conduct an internal audit before the government comes knocking at your door

All HR professionals should attend this session.


 Mandated Reporter Training for HR Professionals and Leaders (AB 1963 Compliance)

California law treats HR professionals and leaders with direct supervision of minors as mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect. These individuals must receive training on their duties and responsibilities under the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act.

We know you’re busy, and you want to comply with the law. We make it easy. Our one-hour session covers all of the requirements.


 The ABC’s of Workplace Arbitration in California

California law makes workplace arbitration programs complex and confusing. Although arbitration agreements may include class action waivers, employers cannot force employees to give up their right to pursue Private Attorneys General Act claims in court. Proposition 51, which became law in 2020, prohibits mandatory workplace arbitration programs. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled that the law is constitutional, but that challenges aren’t over. Is arbitration worth it in California? Maybe.

In this session, we discuss the ABC’s of workplace arbitration in California, including:

  • The drafting rules applicable to arbitration agreements
  • Why many arbitration agreements are unenforceable
  • Employer obligations related to arbitration claims, including posting “losses” for all to see
  • How to properly implement arbitration programs for current and new employees


 HR 101 for Leaders and HR Professionals

Are you new to Human Resources, or want to brush up on your skills? Are you a supervisor or manager who needs to have a better understanding of Human Resources issues at work? If any of these descriptions apply to you, do not miss this full-day workshop! 

In this session, we provide an overview of key HR principles, including:

  • The vital role of HR in a thriving organization
  • Recruiting, onboarding, and promotional best practices
  • Effective tools to drive and manage productivity and employee engagement
  • EEO compliance, including driving diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging
  • Wage-hour compliance, including payroll and timekeeping best practices
  • Managing leaves of absence and the reasonable accommodation process
  • Documentation best practices
  • Effective HR communication skills
  • How to empower leaders to make the right decisions

Join us to build your HR skills and confidence!


 A Practical Approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Ensuring that our workplaces are diverse, welcoming, and equitable has never been more important. And, you need an experienced team to deliver effective and impactful DEi training.

In this session, we explain how focusing on our similarities and differences teaches us how to expand our thinking and embrace different solutions to workplace challenges.

We begin by exploring some basic, but often misunderstood, concepts, like what diversity and equity really mean. We discuss why building an inclusive workplace is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do.

We don’t shy away from the difficult topics, like how misperceptions and stereotypes often interfere with workplace interactions. We do a deep dive into understanding how our conscious and unconscious biases are shaped by our backgrounds, cultural environments, and personal experiences, and conclude with practical tips to ensure your workplaces is truly equitable and welcoming.

Eric Glassman, the facilitator and an expert in the field, delivers entertaining and insightful DEi training with a practical spin. Attendees love his passion and creative thinking. 

This session is appropriate for Human Resource professionals, supervisors, managers, staff, and anyone else who has an interest in this timely topic.


 “Train-the-Trainer”: The Essentials of EEO Compliance Training

Are you responsible for teaching EEO compliance sessions, and need some help preparing the materials? Do you want guidance about how to present the required information in an entertaining and engaging manner, while still meeting all of the legal requirements?

If so, join Eric Glassman, an expert trainer and facilitator, for this all-day “how to” workshop that covers the requirements for training both supervisory and non-supervisory employees. We discuss the mandatory training components, provide talking points for each topic area, and offer a number of interactive tools, such as true/false questions and scenarios. We will also provide constructive feedback on your training approach and style.

The cost includes a state-of-the-art Facilitator Guide, and a trademarked PowerPoint program you can use as a foundation for creating your own materials.


 Sexual Harassment Prevention and Other EEO Issues (AB 1825/SB 1343 Compliance Training for “Supervisors”/All Employees)

Public and private sector employers throughout California have relied on us for over 20 years to deliver interactive and impactful EEO compliance training. We regularly update our materials to reflect current events and legal developments, and attendees rave about our delivery and content.

In this session intended for employees at all levels, we cover the required topics under AB 1825, SB 1343, and related laws, including:

  • The legal definitions of unlawful harassment, discrimination, and retaliation
  • The definition of “bullying,” and management’s responsibility for preventing it
  • How to encourage “upstanders” at work
  • The differences between EEO laws and EEO policies
  • How “out-of-work” conduct (including social media activities) may result in EEO liability
  • The internal complaint process, including the duty to report, investigate and respond, and how to encourage employees to respect the process
  • Additional expectations for “supervisors”

This session is perfect for employers who want everyone in the workplace to hear the same message, even if they are working from home.


 Sexual Harassment Prevention and Other EEO Issues (SB 1343 Compliance Training for Staff)

Public and private sector employers throughout California have relied on us for over 20 years to deliver interactive and impactful EEO compliance training. We regularly update our materials to reflect current events and legal developments, and attendees rave about our delivery and content.

In this one-hour session intended for non-supervisory employees, we cover the required topics under SB 1343 and related laws, including:

  • The legal definitions of unlawful harassment, discrimination and retaliation
  • The definition of “bullying” and management’s responsibility for preventing it
  • How to encourage “upstanders” at work
  • The differences between EEO laws and EEO policies
  • How “out-of-work” conduct (including social media activities) may result in EEO liability
  • The internal complaint process, including the duty to report, investigate and respond, and how to encourage employees to respect the process

This session is perfect for employers who want to provide staff with a safe place to learn about this important topic.


 Intensive Workshop: Effectively Managing Leaves of Absence and Reasonable Accommodations

We hire employees to do their job, but what happens when they need protected time off or a reasonable accommodation? In our annual two-day intensive workshop for new and experienced HR professionals, we provide detailed information about all of the relevant laws and regulations (including legal updates for 2022 and COVID-related laws) and practical guidance on the challenging issues that arise in these areas. Attendees will work through hypotheticals to test their knowledge, all of which are based on real life scenarios and require thoughtful analysis and strategy.

As experienced and respected workplace law litigators and advisors, we are uniquely qualified to help you hone your skills. Public and private sector professionals of all levels will appreciate our practical and organized approach. We answer the tough questions, and give you the tools you need to succeed.


 Intensive Workshop: Conducting Effective Internal Investigations

Limited spots for our “Internal Investigation Intensive” are now available!

As experienced employment lawyers and impartial workplace investigators, we conduct hundreds of public and private sector investigations every year. We bring that expertise, and our commitment to providing the best possible training experience, to this three-day workshop.

On the first day, we cover investigation fundamentals. From creating a workplan to handling witness representatives and everything in between, we provide practical guidance and cutting-edge legal analysis for every step in the investigation process, including:

  • Applicable legal requirements
  • Determining the scope of the investigation
  • Key questions to ask complainants, respondents, and witnesses
  • Assessing witness credibility
  • The appropriate evidentiary standard
  • Drafting legally compliant investigation closure notices
  • Compiling relevant documents and electronic information
  • Preventing retaliation and future misconduct

On the second day, attendees participate in a mock investigation, and do everything from conducting interviews to reaching factual findings. We update our mock scenarios every year, and provide coaching and constructive feedback throughout the day.

On the third day, we take attendees step-by-step through how to write effective investigation reports. As all experienced investigators know, this is the most challenging part of the investigation process. We show you how to keep reports simple and direct, and ensure they can withstand legal scrutiny.

Poorly done investigations can cost employers millions of dollars. With our help, you will be prepared to do your best work.

Attendees receive our trademarked “Investigator’s Manual” that contains checklists, sample interview outlines, and a sample investigation report.

This workshop is appropriate for investigators of all levels and experience. No prior background is necessary.

Eric Glassman, the trainer for these sessions, has extensive experience conducting investigations and training others on the subject.


 California Employee Handbook Update (2025)

Employee handbooks often are on the front line in employment litigation. With the new laws for next year and recent court decisions, California employers must make appropriate updates to their employee handbooks.

Join us for this one-hour webinar to learn about the changes that you need to make for next year, and the best practices for drafting employee handbooks.


 Annual Employment Law Update (2025)

Join us for our 23rd employment law update and a review of new regulations, laws, and court decisions for 2023. As always, in this year’s session, Jennifer Shaw will cover developments in key workplace topics in wage-hour and EEO compliance, reasonable accommodations and leaves of absence, employer policies and procedures, and more. Stay tuned for more information as the year goes on!


 Workplace Insights with Shaw Law and the California Civil Rights Department!

Every month, Shaw Law Group’s Of Counsel, Melissa Whitehead and Rashida Harmon, Senior Counsel for CRD’s Outreach and Education Unit, cover a key employment law topic and answer your questions! Topics TBA as developments dictate. Register here, and forward this invitation to your colleagues, friends, and neighbors!