Our comprehensive advice and counsel practice sets us apart from other firms. We partner with employers – from small local businesses to some of the largest employers in the country – to create tailored solutions to resolve their unique workplace challenges.

Our employment law advice practice focuses on day-to-day issues; Title IX hearing assistanceexpert witness testimonyadministration agency representationcompliance audits, and litigation monitoring and support.

Workplace Advising

We partner with our clients on every workplace issue, including: 

  • Employment agreements, offer letters, and application development and review
  • COVID-19 compliance and workplace safety
  • Handbook and policy development
  • Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution programs
  • Independent contractor analysis and agreements
  • Joint employer risk assessment
  • Exempt/non-exempt classification analysis
  • Commission, bonus, and other incentive plans
  • Paid sick leave and other protected time off
  • Confidentiality, non-disclosure and restrictive covenant agreements
  • Leave of absence management
  • Termination risk assessment
  • Reasonable accommodation analysis
  • Layoff, RIF and WARN planning and execution
  • Separation agreements
  • Litigation risk assessment
  • Public health mandates and guidelines