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The End of an Error?

by D. Gregory Valenza | |

“When you write, you’re wrong.”

A former partner passed along that advice to me, perhaps 15 years ago. It was a warning, after he learned I had been sending informal legal update emails to “clients and friends.”

I wrote emails because that firm had no blogs at that time.  In part, that may be because the person who coined “when you write, you’re wrong” was the firm’s late founder. At least that’s how the story goes. Truth be told, the firm was a bit behind on technology at the time. Some of our firm’s partners were dubious about email in general, firm websites, and newfangled high tech gadgetry, like laptops and “blackberries.”

Anyway, I ignored that advice and continued to write those emails.  When Jennifer Shaw and I left that firm to start Shaw Valenza LLP (later Shaw Law Group), we promptly started the “What’s New in Employment Law” blog, which you’re reading right now. We stubbornly maintained it for the past 15 years. Even our old firm runs several blogs now. There is a rumor they may even have podcasts.

So much for “when you write, you’re wrong.”  And speaking of the clever, obsolete, and verbose, I should get to the point of this post.

Today, 15 years of blogging comes to an end, at least for this writer. Yours truly is retiring from blogging, and from lawyering for that matter.

I hope I made some contribution to your understanding of employment law and its constant changes. I did my best to explain things in a practical and understandable way, and to correct those occasions when I erred.  I can’t recall any of those just now….

To close: If writing you was wrong, I don’t want to be right.  Thank you for your time.  Best wishes for the future.  And Happy New Year.


Finally, although this is your humble correspondent’s finale, Shaw Law Group will continue to provide content for clients, friends, and the rest of you via its newsletter (sign up at the bottom of the page here), articles (here),  and its Facebook page (here).


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