Greetings from Shaw Law Group. We hope everyone is safe and sound as we enter another week of social distancing and teleworking. We’re going to label this post #6C because it’s another update to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Families First Act FAQs.  The other FAQs were discussed in ## 6A and 6B.  Please review our other Coronavirus / COVID-19 guidance posts on the blog here.

Anyway, the DOL has updated its FAQs here.  The newest ones being at FAQ # 60 and continue until # 79.

The DOL addresses a number of issues employers need to know when administering the FFCRA’s Expanded Family Leave and Paid Sick Leave laws.  Some of the new FAQs address:

  • what “quarantines’ entitle an employee to paid sick leave?  ## 60-62.
  • under what circumstances may employees receive paid sick leave for caring for another person? ##63-66.
  • availability of leave when two or more persons are available to care for a child #69
  • availability of expanded family leave when school shifts to “online” education #70
  • whether paid sick leave or expanded family leave are available to care for a child other than one’s own? ##71-72
  • calculating pay for seasonal employees #75
  • eligibility for leave when employee is already on a leave of absence ##76-77
  • DOL’s enforcement timetable ##78-79.

Again, caveat, the new regulations (addressed in our post here) likely will supersede these FAQs if there is a conflict.  However, the FAQ format is user-friendly and written in plain English. So, they will be worthwhile to the extent they are consistent with the regulations and the statute.