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    September 19, 2024

    Intensive Workshop: Effectively Managing Leaves of Absence and Reasonable Accommodations (Advanced Topics)


    We hire employees to do their job, but what happens when they need protected time off or a reasonable accommodation?

    In this two-day intensive, interactive workshop for experienced HR professionals, we provide detailed information and updates on all of the relevant laws and regulations (including legal updates for 2024) and practical guidance on the most challenging issues that arise in these areas. In this advanced workshop, we cover complex issues that can stump even the most seasoned HR professional! We also debunk the many myths associated with leave and accommodation administration, provide attendees the tools they need to make strategic decisions, and explain how to work around challenging managers who refuse to follow internal procedures in these areas.  

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    October 03, 2024

    Conducting Effective Internal Investigations


    Limited spots for our “Internal Investigation Intensive” are now available!

    As experienced employment lawyers and impartial workplace investigators, we conduct hundreds of public and private sector investigations every year. We bring that expertise, and our commitment to providing the best possible training experience, to this three-day workshop.

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