UPDATED AS OF 3/25/2020

Look for “NEW” label throughout this post for additions. 

Here is a combined list of Coronavirus resources for California employers. We’ll update as we find new ones.  In the days to come, we will address on the blog (in general terms) some of the key employment law issues employers are facing.  Stay tuned.


GUIDANCE ON FAMILIES FIRST ACT – See the Guidance here.  It includes FAQs and other helpful information. 

NB, I previously said the effective date is April 2. The DOL says it’s April 1.  Listen to them.  Lawyers still can’t do math. 

DOL also says that the new law is not retroactive. 

The page linked above contains  DOL federal guidance about wage and hour matters and COVID-19 in the context of the Families First Act.  However, California employers must check whether the federal guidance conflicts with California law.  Employers with operations in other states should do the same.


The Governor previously “suspended” parts of the California WARN Act by executive order (see below for link to Executive Orders).  Employers experiencing a WARN event (plant closing, mass layoff or relocation) as defined by the statute still must comply with modified WARN notice requirements.  

The California EDD has issued California WARN guidance related to COVID-19 here.


This DFEH handout answers employer questions about sending employees home and other discrimination / harassment related issues.  The DFEH is taking the position that employers may send employees home who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, and may inquire as to COVID-19 illness. This pamphlet may provide some comfort, but it’s not a regulation and the DFEH will not defend your company for going to far. See our post regarding the risks associated with such inquiries here. 


Link to Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Orders, including state-wide Shelter in Place, etc. here

Updated list of essential services and classification of “stay at home” order here

Labor Workforce Development Agency

Combined Links to Resources for Employers here

New chart of California benefits available for workers and other information here.  (Scroll down for the chart!!).

California Chamber of Commerce

Resources for Employers Page

Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

COVID 19 General Website – News Updates from CDC

CDC Interim Guidance for Employers – Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers

California Department of Public Health 

Daily News Releases from California’s Department of Public Health

OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration – Workplace Safety Standards

Cal OSHA – Interim Guidance

Federal OSHA – COVID-19 Information Page

California Employment Development Department

Get information about unemployment, disability, paid family leave and other programs administered by EDD –  Updated California EDD webpage:

Cal. Division of Labor Standards Enforcement:

 FAQ’s on Coronavirus and Laws Enforced by the Labor Commissioner (Including Paid Sick Leave)

San Francisco Office of Labor Standards Enforcement

NEW – San Francisco employers – No Annual Health Care Security Ordinance and Fair Chance Ordinance Filings Required. See here. 

NEW – Updated San Francisco Paid Sick Leave guidance as of 3/24/20 here